In the Interest of Full Disclosure: 3 Things

EARTHcrewMy curiosity has been piqued by this movement of reasonable thought and meaningful lifestyle choices I’ve seen creeping across America on silent little cat paws. I think there is a pretty solid chance that we are at the front end of a revolution. Historically, I suspect it may be called The Digital Revolution, but I don’t want to be so presumptuous as to think that this time is any bigger than what has come before. Still, I believe this could be the third biggie. We had fire, the Guggenheim press and now this. I dunno, I could be wrong but….. I’m not. for real.

One of my favorite components of this revolution is that we the people have access to information and, more importantly, to each other like we have never had before. We are able to gather (smarts AND friends) more efficiently and weed through the never-ending sea of ideas and connections in much shorter order. This magic combined with what appears to be a collective consciousness geared towards big change has made for some unconventional opportunities for a grown-up living a non-traditional life and a mobile skill set.

I’m taking the adventure to Alaska because I am curious, but I also want to document what I find out along the way. So I think it’s only fair at the front-end, before we all book passage, that you get to choose to come along or bail out.


ONE: Human Connection. How has the Digital Revolution shaped our cultural and personal landscapes? I am willing to go see as many people as I can to thank them for being my friend, basically. If it weren’t for facebook and the other arms of social media, none of this would be possible. I know how my life has changed and I am hungry to hear the similar stories that are growing more frequent and unbelievable all the time.

TWO: I have always been an open advocate for the reform of marijuana laws and legislation in America, and I have wished for a sudden halt to spending more time and money on the War on Drugs. I have 35 years invested in gathering information (and anecdotal evidence) and I research for a living. I have become reasonably well-informed on geographical, cultural, societal, psychological, personal, medical, political and professional considerations as they relate to the marijuana movement. Seems like a shame to waste that education and those stories.

THREE: Taming The beast known as worldly comforts and finding a way to exercise self-resiliency with grace and literal pioneer-ninja strength. I will carry what I own and plot a course to the west. I will travel primarily by train, document it because that’s what I do and not do so in a high-risk way. I have taught myself to be a smart digital traveler and have few needs beyond human connection and the need to sate a badass case of curiosity. I’m choosing a road way WAY less traveled and breaking it down to 100 things that weigh 100 pounds. I will not allow my well-bring to be hinged on stuff that can be lost. I’m on a quest to share moments that can’t ever be recreated.

I’m inviting you to come along. If everybody gave a buck or something there would be all this investment on your part. I know you’re curious but you’re not in a position to head west – I am. Come with. It’ll rock and I’ll show you everything. Please and thank you.

Go here to be all philanthropic and feel like you’ve got a part in this crazy adventure: CLICK HERE PLEASE


PS: Some of the places we have been before can be found on youtube or twitter or facebook. Check it.


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